Quartz countertops are liked by homeowners because of their durability, style, ease of maintenance, and aesthetics. If you have got white quartz countertops for your kitchen, you can rest assured that the white color will not fade off easily. It will take a really long time for white quartz countertops for discoloration.

If you opt for a light surface for quartz, you won’t have to worry about taking additional care. Thanks to the engineered surface, it is very easy to take care of quartz. Here are the following tips to help you take care of your white quartz countertops. Follow these do’s and don’ts and your white quartz countertops will have that shiny new look as long as you want.

  1. Use a Mild Dishwashing Soap

Keeping the white quartz countertops is simple. You can use mild dishwasher soap along with a damp sponge. Or you can also use a soft dishcloth to clean the surface. All you have to do is wipe and rinse. Since quartz is non-porous, it will not harbor any bacteria or germs, liquids, or stains. They cannot penetrate the surface. This why, a white quartz countertop can look new for a long time. If you have to deal with a dried mess that won’t come off easily, then you can use a damp towel soak over the dirty spot till it loosens.

While cleaning the white quartz countertops, you need to focus on the greasier areas. There could be some dirt or grime that may not come off after cleaning it for once. In those cases, you have to repeat the process 2/3 time. Once it is done, take a clean towel to dry off the soapy residue of the water. Make sure there are no wet spots because the standing water can cause watermarks. If you had dinner or prepared food over the white quartz countertops, it is better to clean soon instead of delays. If the residue gets hardened up, then it will be difficult to take them off.

  1. Avoid the following

When you are working on the white quartz countertops, make sure, things like bleach, nail polish remover, paint removers, oil-based soaps, and silver polish don’t fall on the countertop. Also, you have to avoid anything with methylene chloride. It is used for paint stripping, metal cleaning, degreasing, or trichloroethane which is used for dissolving the glue. Do not let your kids or any adult use permanent markers or ink on the surface.

It can be hard to remove the stains of a permanent marker. To clean the stains of a permanent marker, you can use any cleaning agent. Use them on the stains and leave it for a few minutes, then rinse them with warm water. Repeat this process several times if needed for removing the stain from the quartz countertop.

Be care of the harsh cleaning products at the end of the pH spectrum. Do no use turpentine to dishwasher rising agents. The reason why you should avoid these products is they are highly acidic or alkaline. Thus, they will break the bonds between resin and quartz.

The products like oven cleaners will damage the surface. You have to rinse the white quartz countertops immediately with water if any of the cleaners come into contact with the quartz countertops. You should also avoid any products or methods that use heat for cleaning the countertops.

It is true that the quartz stone itself is resistant to scratches. However, the resin that is used for quartz countertops will melt in high temperatures above 300 degrees. Thus, if there is a sudden change in temperature it can cause a breakdown in the surface.

The best way to avoid any damage to quartz is to use any cleaning product that is designed for white quartz countertops. The white quartz countertops are designed to be stain-resistant but it is not completely stain-proof.

  1. Cleaning White Quartz Countertops – Extreme Cases

Using the Glass Cleaner – A lot of you might think that glass cleaners are not useful for white quartz countertops. The truth is some glass cleaners are useful for quartz, while some others are not. How to identify them? Please check the label for strong acids or bases. If there are strong acids then don’t use them for cleaning quartz countertops. Also, check the stone top’s warranty to ensure that you are only using the recommended cleaning techniques.

Degreasers and Adhesive Removers – It is very common to have glue or glue-like residue on the white quartz countertop surfaces. You can use adhesive-removers and degreasers to clean the white quartz countertops. Apply small portions of degreasers and then wipe it off. This will do the job. Remember that there are chemicals that can damage the resin of quartz. Please read the label of the degreaser carefully to make sure the cleaning agent is quartz safe.

Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol – Isopropyl rubbing alcohol is great at disinfecting. It will kill most of the microbes. Since a kitchen includes a lot of food and other organic substances, unfortunately, it becomes the home for bacteria and fungi. One way to get rid of the microbial growth is to disinfect using isopropyl alcohol.

It is also a great option to remove all sorts of stains from white quartz countertops. All you have to do is spray and then let it be for a few minutes. This will clean the surface better than other household materials like vinegar or apple cider that can corrode the resin. When you wipe off the isopropyl alcohol, also wipe the countertop with a cloth.

Be careful of these mistakes while cleaning white quartz countertops

There is no denying the fact that quartz is one of the hardest the stones for kitchen. Still, you have to be careful of certain things for preventing any damage. Remember that the surface remains coated with resin which brings a gleaming shine. This can wear off and get scratches too.

First of all, any kind of stone or coating is extremely reactive to strong acids or bases. Thus, you have to stay away from these substances. Exposing the outer surface to the cleaning agents for a long time can dull the surface of the stone.

Also, if it stays in the natural heat for a long time the acids and bases of the cleaning agents react with the heat to create a dull outer surface. Also, you have to be careful while placing a hot substance on the white quartz countertop.

Clean only with materials at room temperature or a warm temperature at best. The resin that offers protection and shine to the surface can actually melt when it comes in contact with too hot temperature.

For normal maintenance, you can clean daily. Experts also recommend a deeper and general clean at regular intervals. You can do this once a week in case the countertops are used heavily.

For the deep clean, you can use a non-abrasive surface cleaner. Spray it gently on the quartz countertop. Let it be there for 10 minutes and then wipe it off with a non-scratch sponge. Check if there are any discolorations, stains, or scratches.

White quartz countertops are highly durable. They can last for a lifetime if proper care is taken. Do no use any abrasive cleaners or scouring pad on the countertops. The good news is the plain water with soap will do the job for you.



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