The mission of Impact Quartz is to provide a high-quality quartz product to all sectors of the building industry at an affordable price. The origin of the name “Impact” goes beyond the idea of providing great value for all customers.   At impact quartz we strive to make an impact on the industry by developing and nurturing long term partnerships based on mutual trust which ensures all of our quartz installations are of the highest quality and best cost.  As a family run business built by industry veterans with  50 years of combined experience, treating our partners and consumers with the utmost transparency and trust is our promise.  We strive to be different than every other stone manufacturer and distributor in this way. We are committed to the development of our fabrication and installation partners by removing obstacles to their success and providing them with the tools that will enable their business to thrive. In doing this, we provide builders and homeowners with luxurious products at affordable prices every day.


What is in a name?  A common question for mankind.  At Impact, our name was no mistake.   It was intentional.  And there is intention in everything we do.  Logistics is no exception.Logistics done well fosters the timely delivery of Impact’s beautiful slabs destined to decorate homes and commercial spaces across the nation.  We intend to do it well so that you are well served.

Just 500 miles from the center of the United States lies our national logistics Hub in St Louis, MO located at 131 Byassee Drive in Hazelwood, MO 63042. Also based in this hub is a major fleet of trucks dedicated to ship our Impact slabs to major cities throughout the nation.  And there are exciting expansion plans to support our growth.  Our most recent expansion into the Great Lakes region spurred us to open a Distribution hub in Grand Rapids, MI(1120 36th Street SE Grand Rapids, MI 49508). We will have additional announcements for growth in the next few months as the Impact brand intends to continue serving our customers with exceptional service!


Are you ready to make an IMPACT?


Are you ready to make an IMPACT?