Making an Impact for all involved in the process. Impact Quartz is the world’s leader in quartz innovation & design providing you with the highest quality quartz products on the market. Our global team is here to help give your project some peace of mind with a quality product and classic designs found in natural stone. The enthusiastic and devoted staff continues to combine quality cutting-edge technology with over 50 years of industry knowledge to provide you with a product you won’t regret. Whether you are a designer, homeowner, builder, or architect, Impact Quartz has the product and knowledge to help solve all of your countertop needs.

Quality over Quantity

Quality is our motto. We strive to provide the highest level quartz product with designs in style. Our design team is devoted to providing you with countertop trends happening all over the world to ensure our brand is always providing our customers with designs that fit the now. Maintaining a smaller line of product is intended to simplify your choice, provide you with colors now trending throughout the world of countertops, and to ensure you availability of all colors at all times.

Mission Statement

A family run business, Impact Quartz is here to simplify your project and provide our consumers with a trendy quality quartz at affordable prices. Our experience in the industry has taught us a lot about the complications of choosing a quartz product, we strive to simplify your process with our dedicated staff.

Core Values

We deliver beauty to your homes. And we do it with a lean operation dedicated to wowing customers by surprising them with value. We deliver intense pleasure manifested in our colors and patterns that impact the way our customers feel every day of their lives. Knowing your home will be graced with beauty and charm aligns with our core value of delivering beauty to every one of you. Thank you.


We are pleased to share that Impact Quartz partners with our preferred charities to fight childhood cancer and so much more. So while we impact the way your kitchen looks, we can also impact important philanthropic organizations that are affecting our world for the better. Click here for more information about our charity partners.


Are you ready to make an IMPACT?