There is no doubt that quartz is the champion in the world of kitchen countertops. There are a lot of reasons why quartz is one of the most preferred elements for a kitchen countertop. Beyond any question, quartz countertops are the most durable countertops at present.

Quartz countertops are made up of stone and resin which makes them stronger than granite. Also, you will feel great to have quartz stones in your kitchen because they are beautiful in design. Quartz can offer you so much variation in patterns and designs that you can feel the change in the overall aesthetics of your kitchen.

Since quartz stones are very hard, you won’t find any dents, scratches, or cracks. However, nothing on this planet is indestructible. Even the most robust quartz countertop will face dents and chips here and there. Now, what are you going to do if this happens? You don’t need to panic. There are a lot of solutions to this problem.

In this blog today, we are going to share what can you do if there is a dent or chip in your quartz kitchen countertop.

What can you do to fix a chip in the quartz countertop kitchen?

Check the Warranty

Yes, this is the first thing that you have to check before everything. Before you get into the to-do act yourself, the warranty may still be there. If that is the case, then you can simply go ahead and check which kind of damages are covered. For most cases, you will find long-lasting warranties for the quartz kitchen countertops.

The minimum warranties are for one year and the maximum warranties are for ten years. If you are still covered then do not hesitate to reach out to your supplier. Either they will fix it or they will share specific information on how to fix a chip in your quartz countertop. They also might send someone to have a look at it.

How to fix a small chip on a quartz countertop?

If you have got a minor chip on the quartz countertop, there is a simple method to fix the problem. Use adhesive to repair the chip on the quartz countertop. Get the following things:

  • Ammonia-based cleaner
  • Superglue
  • Masking tape
  • Pigmented epoxy adhesive
  • Sandpaper

Now it is time to fix the chip on the quartz countertops for the kitchen.

Step 1

The first step is to start with the clean surface. Using the ammonia-based cleaner, you can get rid of the dust and dirt particles. The ammonia-based cleaning agent is great for quartz countertops because it is non-abrasive. In this way, you can be sure that there are no additional damages. Also, the cleaning agent itself will not scratch the counters. When you spray on the area, wipe it off using a soft and damp cloth. Allow the surface to dry before you start the repairing.

Step 2

The next step is to use the masking tape to put them in the surrounding areas of the chip. In this way, you can apply the adhesive in an easier way. Also, you won’t have to deal with the stains later on. Once it is done, it will save time because you won’t have to spend a lot of time to remove the adhesive stains that might get onto other areas apart from the chip you are trying to fix. You are welcome!

Step 3

If you don’t have the light-colored quartz countertops, then you can take out the superglue. Since it is a clear material, it is not noticeable when you use it to repair. The kind of superglue that you can use, should depend on where the chip in the quartz countertop is. If the chip is on the surface, then you can use one with a thin consistency and if there is a crack on the edge, then you can use something with a thicker consistency.

To apply it, you can take a spatula or you can also use a brush. Use them to put thin coats on the chip. Make sure you do it till the chip gets to an equal height with the surface of the countertop. When that is done, let it dry for some time (at least 24 hours). Make sure you do not use too much superglue because then it will need a longer time to dry.

Step 4

Now, if you have a dark-colored or textured quartz countertop, then you can opt for the pigmented epoxy adhesive. If you want the best results, then use a dye with a similar shade to your quartz countertop and then mix them together.

Just like you will do with superglue on the light-colored countertops, use the epoxy mixture thinly till the chip is on the same height as the surface. Then wait for 24 hours till it gets dry. Unlike the superglue, you can apply an additional amount of epoxy because it will shrink a little bit. Don’t worry about it because you can sand it off later on.

Step 5

Now is the time to use the sandpaper. File the adhesive that you used when it was hard and dry. To get the best results, you have to choose sandpaper along with a higher grit that ranges from 360 to 600. This will even out and smooth the dried glue on the surface of the quartz countertop. Also for the surfaces, you might use a razor blade for filling the chip. You just need to glide it gently on the area using sideway movements.

Patching the surface of chips with caulk

This is another way of patching up the chips. Clean up the cracked area and then use a damp cloth to wipe the area. You can also use a non-abrasive cleaner. Let it dry thoroughly. Stick the masking tape around the crack to avoid any kind of caulk stains. working with the caulk can get messy sometimes. Thus, stick the strips of masking tape around the crack and avoid it from getting on the rest of the countertop. It will also help you get an even line while caulking the crack.

The next step is to pour the caulk in the crack slowly and steadily move through the rest of the crack. You can also use silicone caulk if you want to create a smooth line. If you are not comfortable, then you can use acrylic caulk because it is easier to clean up. Also, you can apply a second layer if needed. Level out the caulk evenly and wipe the additional caulk. After that use a flat hard material like plastic to smooth out the line of the caulk. repeat this process till the chip is at the same level as the remaining areas of the countertop. Remove the masking tape, it will dry up in some time.


It is pretty natural for minor accidents to happen in kitchens. If you have got a chipped quartz kitchen countertop, then you can give it a try. It is not difficult to fix the chips on your own. Some of the chips are small and they don’t need a lot of skills or materials to fix them. However, if you find that the quartz countertop is severely chipped and you are not able to handle the repair, then you should opt for a complete quartz countertop installation instead of fixing a countertop with a lot of chips.

If you are looking to get a new quartz kitchen countertop for your client, or simply looking to remodel a kitchen surface with a bright and more modern design, we have got specialists that can assist you. At impact quartz, we are the specialists in quartz countertops for the kitchen and bathroom as well.


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